70 inch sturgeon August 11,2012

41 inches – Woo Hoo!!!  Happy Moment – http://hulldecoys.com




My Fang Rocks

Hello Everyone!  I love to fish and I love to spear fish even more!  The big girl I am holding above was my largest pike of 2012 and smaller photo is the final fish of the season (2011) taken one half hour before the season closed.  Talk about persistence…  The summer shot is my first sturgeon which I caught July 3, 2011 on Rainy River. Visit http://hulldecoys.com for the best spear shack rentals and guide service on Rainy River/Lake of the Woods…
I created Northern Girl to express my love of fishing, hunting. motorcycling and life in the outdoors.  I take feedback very seriously.   I received a comment from a Brainerd fishing guide that has a problem with spear fishermen that keep killing all the 30″+ fish.  He thought I should remove the photos off my site.  Sorry Tim… I won’t do that, but I will publicly post my position.  I believe all fishermen and fisher women should practice serious care in preserving this natural resource.  I have always been careful and selective when deciding which fish to harvest..  ALWAYS only spear what you plan to eat.  You should know that I only catch and eat small walleyes/sauger.  When I catch a trophy walleye,  I will weigh it, measure it, and set it free.  Then I will ask master carver Gary Hull to make  a replica.
I hope all my spearfishing friends and readers will adhere to careful harvesting practices so that every person will someday have the opportunity to catch or spear 1 giant pike or walleye. Take a look inside and see for yourself….  Yes I spear northern pike… but I also enjoy many other outdoor adventures. I hope you enjoy my site!.  Here are a few December fishing photos.  I got the largest pike ever December 26, 2011.

My 40 inch 12.11.2011

December 26, 2011


Amy's 40 inch 12.15.2011