Ok I am bad!  I haven’t done any writing on my website since August.  I only fished Mille Lacs a couple of times and I went grouse hunting with LeeAnn.  She took me out and let me use her sweet little 410.  Three shells and three grouse I was a very happy girl.  I went deer hunting in Wisconsinwith Mike and didn’t see a thing.  I plan to get a cross bow when money allows.  I have a bad shoulder and am meeting with my surgeon in January.  I may have to address the old injury at the end of spear season 2013.

So what do I have in store for the next few months.  A very full calendar as usual.  This Saturday is the first decoy show of the season at Park Rapids.  Check it out at www.nfda.tv

I plan to go to spear Rainy River the day after Thanksgiving if the ice is ready.  Then will head up the first weekend with the girls Walleye Amy, and her sister Tammy.  Uh oh two Tammy’s…. that is gonna be trouble.  I cant wait to see LeeAnn use her new painted “stabbin cabin”.  I will post a photo once it is on the ice!  Then the second weekend I am heading up to Rainy River again with Amy.  I think it will just be the two of us.  So if you want to go give us a shout!  On December 22, I am attending a ladies event on Pokagama with the Grand Rapids Darkhouse Chapter. I will go back up to Rainy River for a long week of spearing over Christmas.  Amy and I will meet up Dec 25 or 26 and Mike and his friend Tim will come up on the weekend.  I dont have anything planned for Rainy River after that.  This year I hope to explore Cass Lake, the Whitefish chain and Gull Lake.  I also plan to do a little local spearing with my city friends at Lake X and Lake M.  Top secret but I promise to post photos.

 It is too bad the shopping cart and product lines never went over.  Unfortunately there are just not enough women spear fishing quite yet.  I love my website and as you know I have been thinking about a new direction.  I really enjoy photography and writing about life so I am planning to showcase my work and keep my blog going. I have also been asked to do a little freelance work.  I plan to just go with the wind and see what happens….

I hope to see you at Park Rapids decoy show.. I will post lots of pictures and tell you all about it next week.  Love you all and thanks for reading….

Live Life* Love Life!