I am very selective about the products I endorse. I love this one so much I hope to get Otterbox to advertise on my website! I purchased the Iphone 4S last winter and thought it was a fragile little thing, so I decided to look for a protective case.

I found this little gem on www.otterbox.com

This case has been spilled on, rolled off the back of a four wheeler, landed in the mud, landed on northern pike fish slime, had a sturgeon smack it with its tail, sri racha sauce spilled on it and many other near catastrophies! Every time I think my Iphone is going to be broken or damaged, this case surprises me with not even a scratch on my phone.

But do you want to hear the best part? I noticed the rubber outer shell was getting loose, so I called Otterbox customer service. I got the nicest, sweetest, most professional customer service agent ever! Caitlin!!! I hope you are reading this… The way you responded to my concern was so professional and courteous. Better yet, I hope your boss reads this and gives you a raise. You are worth every penny they pay you.

Caitlin walked me through the warranty process… which was simple! She sent me an email and all I had to do was snap a quick picture of the damage and email it to her. We did this in two minutes while she remained on the phone with me. Then she received the email and approved the warranty and said because I was so kind she would expedite shipping me a brand new case (48 hours). Where do you get service like that?

I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to find a company that customer service actually answers the phone without you having to follow 15 prompts. Caitlin was in Colorado, not India and she was well trained and knew my product very well.

Hats off to Otterbox! I love your Defender Series protective case and I love your professional company! If you want to advertise on my site you can have a nice spot!  And to all my readers, you wont be disappointed if you buy one of these!  They rock.  And boys… you can get one in green camo and be styling too! And we all know manly men need protective cases. So go buy one today and tell ’em Northern Girl Tammy sent ya!

Have a great day!