Along the broken road....



Wow what a beautiful moon this morning!!!  Gigantic and low in the sky.  I am busy making preparations for my church retreat at the end of this month.  150 church women and our friends are venturing off to Grand Rapids for a weekend of girl bonding and time with God.  There are many activities planned with a western theme.  My new Dan Post Boots arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited!!

I hope to have the free time to meditate and pray.  I have so many decisions to make about the future of Northern Girl.  My webmaster has set up my first 6 products on my shopping cart.  They are gorgeous Ken Dahl Darkhouse prints.  They are super reasonable…  As soon as Ken previews my shopping cart I will activate the link.

Thank you for your faithful reading of my blog.  I am fishing Saturday and Sunday.  This will be my last weekend of the season up in Baudette.  If we are lucky enough to spear some pike, I will post photos next week.  Get out and spear or ice fish!!!  The wnter season ends February 26th.

Be safe!  Love and blessings to you all!