Wow what a crazy season it was this year.  I went to Lake of the Woods 7 or 8 times, Gull Lake, Sugar Lake, and Medicine Lake.  I speared more days this year than the last 3 years put together.  I hope you all had great seasons as well. 

Now I get to look forward to the spring decoy shows.  I judged last weekend at the Alexandria Rudy Zwieg decoy show.  I never had the privilege of meeting carver Rudy Zwieg. I have only been involved with decoy shows for the past 3 years.  I have learned a lot from a lot of great carvers.  If you have never attended a decoy show and would like to attend 1 show this year… Please attend “The Gathering” in Perham, MN on April 21 or April 22.  There will be over 250 tables of fish and bird decoy carvers, vendors, artists, and spear makers, etc…

And the NFDA banquet will be held to give out the awards for the championship.  While I was preparing to judge the Alexandria entries I received a phone call from Gary Hull apparently Lucky LeeAnn is going to get a new nick name from me.  Naughty Little Monkey!!!!!


Naughty Lil’ Monkey
It seems the plants were getting a little dry at the Hull residence.  LeeAnn decided to use a chair to climb on top of the counter top to reach the plants up on the log beam.  As she was reaching she lost her footing, slipped off the counter top, landed on the chair and suffered 3 broken ribs and punctured her left lung.  Not a good day.  I was at the show with a 50th birthday party to attend later that evening so I decided to get up early Sunday morning and make the drive to Baudette to surprise LeeAnn.  It was a big surprise. I didn’t even tell Gary I was making the trip.  We stayed for 2 hours and drove back home.  Way too short of a trip. 
It always feels like I am leaving home when I am heading out of the bog and it feels like I am coming home when I am traveling toward Baudette.  There is nothing like the peace and solitude you experience on Rainy River and Lake of the Woods.   Get out and find your piece of heaven on earth… Love others, and treat yourself with a trip to the woods.  Let go of the chaos in your life and get back to what is important.  Live Life*Love Life
I love you all!

Baudette, MN Heaven on Earth