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Wow what a busy summer.  I can’t believe it… I have been at Lake of the Woods or on Mille Lacs Lake every weekend since the opener.  This past weekend was the exception.  My best friend Mary Sanders celebrated her 50th birthday!!! Congratulations Mary! 

July 1st started the sturgeon season on Rainy River and I am the only one that has not yet tagged a fish.  See the previous post.  Amy got a nice keeper in the first half hour of the season.  Then the next day she caught and released a very fat 60 inch sturgeon.  I still can’t believe I netted it and pulled it into the boat.  I never saw such a little girls knees knock like Amy’s did.  What a crazy adrenaline rush! 
This summer has been such a dream.  First of all, it started 4 weeks early.  The weather has been unbelievably gorgeous.  After Ashley’s wedding in Mexico in April it just became spring and right into hot temperatures.  This weekend it was 77 degrees and breezy. It almost reminded me a crisp fall day!
I am making another trip next weekend to see if I can catch one too.  My last trip I had a large one one the line and my reel stripped out.  I went to Cabelas and bought a heavy duty reel and better line.  I want to make sure I am prepared if the 75 incher comes along. 
Sorry I have been such a lazy blogger but I have been living my life and been too busy to write about it.  I will try to do better.  Have a great day!