Hello Everyone!  Well what do you think of this?  I  finally got my best sturgeon ever.  I was anchored on Rainy River and enjoying a great day.  This monster latched on and my new reel from Cabela’s did the job.  I lost a monster a few weeks ago because my new reel stripped out and I just couldn’t control the fish.  Not the case this time.  My rod bent over and I set the hook. The line immediately started singing to me.  Each time it stopped I made sure the hook was set.  I didn’t want to lose this girl!  The first time she surfaced I looked at Mike and said, “HOLY CRAP!!! Did you see that?”  Mike said, “OMG!!!  That thing is huge!”  It was Mike’s first time sturgeon fishing and he instinctively knew just what to do.  He said, “How are we ever going to get that thing in the boat?”  I said, “We will.. It will take both of us!”  He started moving everything to the front V and we were ready.  After a 20 minute pulling match she was starting to tire.  Mike started up the boat and we followed her across the river.  I knew she would need to be released and I didn’t want her to suffer.  When we netted her she thrashed a few times and gave up.  Mike held her in the net and I put down my rod and helped hoist her into the boat.  Talk about a crazy adrenaline rush!  I made a decision after we measured her to forego lifting her for a picture.  Number 1 I probably could not have held her by myself unless I lifted her by the gills.  I knew she had to go back so we photographed her safely in the net. We lifted her gently back into the water and I grabbed her tail to hold her and make sure she was OK to swim away.  She was cradled into my arm for about ten minutes. I stroked her and said I hope you swim another 75 years.  I looked into her diamond eye and it was so interesting to see her looking at me.  I wonder what she thought and if she had ever been caught before.  What an incredible bonding moment.  Mike snapped this picture and I called it “Last Touch”.  Sweet girl I hope no one ever touches you again and you live another 75 years.  Please be careful handling your fish.  Too much time on the floor, too much hand in the gills and too many pictures stress the fish.  Unless it is a keeper please release them quickly.  Hold them upright and be gentle so that they survive and re-populate for many years to come.
Last Touch…
What a great trip!  Oh how I love Rainy River and Lake of the Woods….
Love you all… Get out there and live and love your life!