Friday, December 3 – Sunday, December 4 – Fishing was real slow and I went home empty handed.  I caught a ride up with friend Mark Rinas and we met Jason Trout and friends at Garys.  LeeAnn and I fished one bay and the boys fished good old reliable Wabanica Bay.  They saw tons of small fish and fish that were in the “no take” slot of 30-40 inches.  I wasn’t too disappointed because I was going to be fishing every weekend all month…. Woo Hoo!  Life is Good! 

Three Amigos

Friday, December 9 – Sunday, December 11 – Michael made the trip with me this weekend and of course he started out with beginners luck and speared a gorgeous thick 28 inch fish.  I got a tiny one but I was happy to see him do so well his first time out.   I was getting ready to pack up on Sunday and a giant pike swam in.  I speared her and she was 40 inches. 

My 40 inch 12.11.2011








December 12 – I had to go home on Sunday but look at the giant monster LeeAnn speared on Monday.

LeeAnn's Monster Pike 12.14.2011

 Tuesday, December 13 – Walleye Amy and I were planning to go tpo the Metro Darkhouse Chapter meeting in Bloomington but the weather was awful with freezing rain…  We decided it was a great idea to get out of town as soon as possible.  Gary called at 9 and we told him we just left Bloomington and our ETA would be 2 AM.  LOL… We had already been on the road 3.5 hours.  When we pulled in at 10:30 PM he was happy and very suprised.  He called me a “little shit”… Gary is such a great friend.  God doesn’t make good men like Gary very often.  He is a friend we cherish.  He is generous and so hospitable everytime I am there.  His spear shack rentals are well maintained and he always has everything to make the adventure smooth and effortless.  LeeAnn prepares a great meal every night for the renters and we sit around and tell our “fish tales” and enjoy each others company.  Life doesn’t get any better than that.

Amy and I speared a few great fish our first day.  I had one attack my Fang decoy and pull it right out of the hole like a bullet.  I threw anyway and speared it in the tail.  I was pretty happy and it was a perfect 30″ fish.  We ended the day with 6 fish and we were very happy.  The next day I speared my fish early and took a trip into town.  Whikle I was gone little Walleye Amy snuck into MY house and was using MY decoy.  While I was gone she speared this perfect 40 inch pike.  Talk about amazing.  It was a thrill hearing her hyper ventilate telling me to get back ASAP and help her pull it out of the hole.  She held it on the bottom for 20 minutes because she wanted to make sure it wouldn’t get off.  Amy got a great shot and it was securely on the spear.  So we put it on the ice and did an ice dance.  Visualize KC and the Sunshine Band “shake your booty”… I think that will give you the idea! 

Amy's 40 inch 12.15.2011Walley Amy and Bubbles

 We had a great time and when we came off the ice on Friday we got a wonderful surprise.  Harley Ragan was sitting by the fire at gray’s with his son in law Ryan.  We were leaving the next morning but we did get to enjoy a rocking spagetti dinner our last night. 

Dinner 12.17.2011 with Gary Hull, Ryan, Harley Ragan and Walleye Amy