Rainy River Monster Pike 12.26.11
Shame on me for getting so behind on my web blog.. But hey, when there is ice… I am spearing fish.  Fishing has been phenomenal this year on Rainy River.   As you can see by the photo above.  I speared this beautiful girl the day after Christmas.  She made my heart beat pretty hard….  It was such a thrill.  She was beautiful in color and her head was amazing.  Which decoy lured her in?  A new one I purchased from Paul Sparks.  I love the color .

Paul Sparks Decoy

This past weekend the ice was 2 feet thick on Rainy River.  Cars are still going through the ice here on the metro lakes.  Three cars went through White Bear Lake.  This year I have speared 3 40 inch fish and Gary Hull’s clients have speared 6.  I am still Gary Hull’s best fan!  His houses are well maintained and ready to go every morning.  This weekend his friend Darren had our houses opened and the wood stove was warm and toasty when I got there.  I did a little walleye fishing on Sunday morning but didn’t catch anything. 
February Adventures –
I have several fishing adventures planned.  I am heading north to spear Rainy River with Dana and Gary.  I am very excited….. I have a feeling we will be ice dancing.  There are two big girls lurking in the bay waiting for us….
February 13-15 –  I am going to spear at Medicine  Lake in Plymouth/New Hope on Saturday.  Then on Sunday I am heading over to Christmas Lake.  I hope to see a few nice Rainbows swim through my hole.  You cannot spear them but they sure are beautiful to see.  The DNR stocks the lake with their brood stock when they no longer wish to breed them.  They average from 5-12 pounds from what I have seen.  I also hope to get my eyes on a few hybrid Muskies.  Last year two 8 pounders swam through my hole at the same time.  Talk about glow in the dark!!!  They were stunning.  I know many of you do not want to see them in our lakes but they are fun to watch.
February 18-19 – I am going to Dana’s time share on Gull Lake.  I hope to bump in Bob Johnson so he can show me the best places to spear.  It will be fun to see him and spear big fish.
Feb 24-26 – I am heading to Grand Rapids Sugar Lake Lodge with the 150 women from my church on our annual retreat.  I am teaching a group of ten women how to spear/angle fish and about all the fishing equipment necessary to do it yourself….  I learned through trial and error and hopefully they will appreciate my knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.
So there you have it!!!!  February is a full month of adventure and I love it!!!  Get out there and fish this month.  If you would like to book a spearing adventure, give Gary a call at  www.hulldecoys.com
He will take care of everything and give you the best possible spearing weekend as possible.  I wil start to blog on a regular basis.  There is so much more to NorthernGirl than meets the eye.  Live Life * Love Life!!!
Talk soon.  Tammy