To think this website journey began on May 1, 2010. The past 2 years have gone by very quickly.  If you have been reading my blog since day one, you know where I came from.  I am not going to go backwards and talk about all the tragic events. Many of you have asked… Where am I today?  I have changed a lot in the last two years.  I have walked through a firestorm of pain and I have survived it.  I started this website and thought it would be about fishing and the outdoors.  I have learned I like to spear fish and I love the outdoors but I have found other interests and passions causing me to rethink the direction of this site.  I have decided that spear fishing and the outdoors is a smaller part of my life than what I originally thought.  I have discovered I am passionate about LIFE and LIVING IT!!! I want to make a difference in others lives.  I want to leave people in my life knowing they are happy I was a part of it.  I love photography and writing about experiences.  I love being a tomboy and I am loving embracing my feminine side.  I have discovered I really don’t want to sell t shirts or decoys. I will leave that to the carvers and entrepreneur’s.

So what does that mean?  It means I am going to close down my shopping cart and expand my writing and photography. I am going to do the things that I love.  I am going to travel and live and love my life!

That is enough for now…. I know that a lot of you will move on and a few people will relate and join in… Life is all about change.  Thanks for your support and allowing me to entertain you with my fishing and photos of my monster pike.  I hope my new beginnings will interest you enough to keep reading…. but if NG is not your thing, at least learn from what I did preach. Live Life * Love Life and thanks for sharing my life!

Love to you all!  Tammy