Woo hoo!  It is finally here!  I always wonder why they have it on Mother’s Day weekend!  But most of the women I know are glad their husbands “go away” for a few days!  LOL!!!  I had an opportunity to go with Dana and Joe to Leech Lake but I want to spend time with my mom, daughter and grandson.  If I do any fishing it will be from the shoreline at my mom’s lake.  I want to practice my casting and lure techniques.  Being a spear fishing girl I really have never taken the time to develop walleye and pan fish skills.  That is my goal for this year. I want to get really good at catching walleyes. 

Amy and I are excited for our annual sturgeon fishing adventure.  This is our second year and I cannot wait!  A week with Gary and LeeAnn and fishing sturgeon.  I got a 50″ last year and hope I get another big one this year.  So …where are you going for the opener?  Be sure to email photos of your biggest fish!

Have a great weekend!  Love to you all!