Wow!!!  No writing for a month!  What is wrong with me???  Actually, I am not a slacker.. I have have been re-evaluating the future of Northern Girl.  To those of you that have followed me from the first day you know the struggles I have had trying to find an artist and to get my website equipped with a functioning shopping cart.  I finally got the shopping cart completed and have discovered I enjoyed Northern Girl more when I logged on and blogged everyday.  More people commented on my posts and a few of you actually enjoyed my writing.  I am passionate about the photographs I take and many of you have encouraged me to publish them.

I think I have reached the stage of my life where I am content the way things are.  I want to live my life and share it with people who are interested. I have my group of spear fishing and decoy carvers that follow my posts and facebook page and I have friends past and present that just like to keep in touch.

So if it is OK with you I will just keep being me and not worry about trying to sell products.  I am trying to enjoy my life and really don’t want the hassle of e commerce.  That way I can focus my energy on my photography and blogging…. Deal? I love you all.! 

NG Tammy

Live life * love life!!!