Oh what a week!!!  I am training at a new club called Orange Theory Fitness.  http://www.orangetheoryfitness.com/studio-locations/maple-grove-minnesota/ Every morning I get up and drink my protein shake and head out the door for the best power hour of my day.  I have been doing this for 3 weeks and have toned up and lost 9 pounds of mush.  I am feeling great and very energized.  I won’t lie…. The first week was excruciating and my legs hurt a lot.  But the pay off is worth it all!  I am going to Mexico for a wedding in a few months and want to rock my Northern Girl bikini.  Another month I should reach my goal.  Check it out.  The first class is free!  Your body, mind and spirit will rejuvenate and you will  feel sexy!

I had a boyfriend tell me once it turned him off that I fished and am involved in the National Fish Decoy Association… I thought “suit yourself”.  It turns me off that he didn’t get out and live and love his life..  I say that was just a feeble attempt to put me down and control me.  I happen to think fishing and decoy carving is sexy!  It feels good to get out and be a capable women.  I wear perfume, I paint my nails and take care of my body…. Believe me.. It can be pretty hot in a dark house! 

I have all the equipment to do this adventure by myself or with friends.  Everywhere I go, people come and talk to me because they are interested in the sport.  Last year when I was fighting my 50 inch sturgeon, even the pro fisherman slowed down for a look.  By their hoots and hollers I think they thought it was pretty sexy to watch a blonde in a pink camo shirt pull in a big sturgeon.

So ladies.. Don’t be intimidated to get out and try fishing and sports. Real men are going to be turned on that you want to try stuff they like to do.  Put your sexy on….Fleet Farm sells pretty camo swimming suits, hoodies  and lingerie.  BUY SOMETHING!!!  All the men I know will be glad you did. 

There is still time to book a girls trip up to Lake of the Woods for a weekend of fun.  The ice will last until the end of March.  Call me and I will help you book your “Girls Gone North” adventure!  And Gentlmen….  If you want me to help get your woman ready for the outdoors call me and I will be happy to book a one on one trip for her.  Many times women like to learn from another women so they don’t look foolish!  I can help.  Let me know what you two are interested in.   Fishing, hunting, shooting, motorcycling or just learning how this stuff works and where she can get excellent training and experience.  Lats summer I took gun training and got my conceal and carry permit.  I also took a motorcyle training class and got my motorcyle license.  That  is what I call learning to embrace new things in life!  So let me know if I can help.

Have a blessed weekend…. And Ladies….do one thing for yourself this weekend that makes you feel sexy!  Guys… Do one thing for her that shows her you think she is sexy!  When you let her know she is sexy  she will let you see more of that side….

I am going to have fun up spear fishing up north this weekend.  Pictures next week. 

Love to you all..

NorthernGirl Tammy